Oct 24, 2013

Indias first sea plane service at Andaman - Jal Hans

Is it a bird; Is it a plane; No, It's a Seaplane !!

It is Amphibian. It can take off and land on water and as well as on land! This is Sea Plane that has seen it’s first ever operation in India – in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Calling it the "Jal Hans", government-owned Pawan Hans launched India's first seaplane operation with one eight seater Cessna 208 A

Sea Plane Take Off - Pic Courtesy - Haneef Abdul

The Cessna Caravan 208 - 

The seaplane, Cessna Caravan 208 A, is fitted with modern navigation features has a total seating capacity of 10, 8 of them being for passenger seats. It can travel upto 250 kms in about an hour and can also land on ground using the wheel configuration. The seaplane is basically for tourists but local people can also enjoy the flight. For now rates will be full but later Andaman admin will try to give subsidy for Islanders.Based on viability, Andaman & Nicobar Administration has plans to induct more seaplanes for to strengthen inter-island connectivity.

Cessna Caravan 208 - Pic Courtesy - Sajan Pulinchery

Sea plane above the Emerald Islands - 

Explore the Island Paradise from the sky with the India’s first Seaplane service. The A&N Administration in collaboration with Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd. is operating Seaplane service from Port Blair to Havelock since January 2011. Now the seaplane service to Diglipur has also commenced since April 2011. This is first commercial Seaplane operation in India. Flying in Seaplane in Andaman especially in Port Blair-Havelock-Port Blair sector has already caught the imagination of tourists including celebrities and general public.

The Cessna 208 Amphibian Aircraft offers large individual windows and the fantastic aerial view of the Island. In Port Blair, the Seaplane operates from the Pawan Hans helicopter base in the Airport, and in Havelock or Diglipur, it lands in and takes off from the earmarked waterdrome near the jetty. Floating pontoon is placed in the waterdrome on which passengers disembark from the seaplane. To take passengers to shore from the Pontoon and vice versa, exclusive speed boat is also pressed into service. The five minute speed boat ride from Pontoon to Jetty or vice versa comes as an added bonanza which is free of cost. So what are you waiting for ! Just climb into the cool seaplane, get a window seat, and take off to enjoy aerial view of India’s only active volcano, Barren Island or fly over Magical Sea to relish Havelock & Diglipur Island and savor the lush green landscape from high above.

View of Port Blair city from Sea Plane -

View of Chatham Island - Pic courtesy Mohammed Yoonus

View of Netaji Stadium - Pic Courtesy Mohammed Yoonus

Aerial view of Cellular Jail - Pic courtesy Mohammed Yoonus

Bookings - 

Port Blair 
ANIIDCO-03192 244312
Controlling officer Seaplane operations Port Blair: 233601 
For Booking Queries please mail to:

Controlling officer Seaplane operations Havelock: 95318 28333

Controlling officer Seaplane operations Diglipur: 95318 28444

Hut Bay
Controlling officer Seaplane operations Hut bay: 95318 56555 

Or visit this link for updated fares and schedule.

Author's Note :- "Breathtaking Aerial View of Port Blair city can be captured when you are on board the Cesssna Caravan 208" 


  1. That's an amazing piece of news and the images are breathtaking too!

  2. All thanks to the Photographers, Andaman and Nicobar Administration and Pawan Hans Ltd. for launching this service.